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Turbo-charge your startup with us

We are a learning tech company that turbo-charges start-ups by re-imagining the approach to People Development & Operational Efficiency in an highly integrated, relevant and practical way.


The DoGood Agency is focused on revolutionizing how startups learn by creating laser-focused teams standing at the intersection between human interaction and integrated AI workflows.

See us as your trusted partner, looking to pull you up, making a positive impact on the world by using business as a force for good.

DoGood aims to empower purpose-driven brands by providing them with the tools and skills needed to generate financial results. This enables them to drive change with integrity, while also supporting the advancement of human potential and promoting environmental sustainability.


DoGood aims to improve the most valuable assets of startups – your people, without compromising operational demands, allowing for sustainable growth to occur.

We achieve this by using a systematic approach that re-imagines how startups operate, focusing on efficiency and developing people 'on-the-go', disrupting traditional learning methods.    


At DoGood, we partner with your HR staff or seamlessly step in as an extension of HR if one doesn't exist yet. We transform your valued staff into 'elite athletes' through collaborative, efficient, and integrated approaches. Rather than relying on traditional classes, we utilize subtle learning methods—it's as if we're adding a touch of transformative ‘KoolAid’ to the water.


We assist businesses in articulating and realizing a deeper vision, so as to breathe ‘soul’ into your business, cultivating an environment that truly inspires your staff.


We empower teams with daily learning nudges that fit seamlessly into their everyday routines, eliminating the need for traditional classroom training. Our unique learning system integrates these nudges effortlessly into your staff's tasks, using real-life use cases derived from stakeholder conversations. This approach ensures your team can focus on their current responsibilities while continuously enhancing their skills and leadership capabilities.


We focus on working with startups between 10 to 50 staff and annual revenue of above $1MM, either bootstrapped or preparing for/having successfully completed a Series A funding.


DoGood clients operate globally and are located in English-speaking countries.

We don't define our clients by industry, but by cultural fit, focusing on cultures that are rebellious, disruptive, casual, fun, driven, inspirational, and passionate.


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the DoGood Agency over the past few years. His energy and passion for learning has always shone through. Analyical in his approach, the team always puts the clients first, whether acting as a trusted advisor or delivering on complex change management programmes.”


Mark Thivessen

COO, Headspring Executive

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