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Hi, I'm Kelly, the Chief Financial Officer at DoGood, working diligently to ensure our clients receive optimum value for their investment.

With 15 rewarding years as a Master Financial Integrator and Fractional CFO, I bring my expertise to the vibrant city of San Diego, California. I'm also the founder of BooGoo Inc. (BGB) and have honed my financial acumen with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business/Management from Penn Foster Group.

I'm highly sought-after as a fractional CFO for entrepreneurial and startup businesses seeking robust financial processes and reporting. My experience spans corporate accounting, bookkeeping, financial and operations analysis, auditing, payroll, human resources, and customer service.

A champion of creating positive and productive work environments, I place great emphasis on teamwork and respect. I'm adept at streamlining procedures to curb excessive spending, fine-tuning cash flow for fund availability, and capturing tax deductions. My expertise extends to business integration and AI automation, making me an effective partner in financial management.

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