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Synergy Plus

Empowering Synergy Plus to Articulate Their Value & Engage the Right Customers

Statistics indicate that staff leave workplaces to:


Your startup's culture is its identity. Staff want to belong to a cause that matters to them - not just a job. Without it, they're likely to leave for workplaces that better meet their needs.


We noticed that many founders fear losing the culture they've spent years building to daily difficulties.


Our clients are startups with teams of 10-50 people, earning over US$1MM in revenue annually. We support bootstrapped businesses and those navigating Series A funding.


We value cultural compatibility over industry but have a knack for tech-learning startups.


If your work culture aims to be bold, likes to disrupt the status quo, is results-driven, fun, and passionate about what you do, we're likely a great fit.

Cultural compatibility
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