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Empowering Synergy Plus to Articulate Their Value & Engage the Right Customers

Client Profile

"I would describe Synergy Plus as a leading pilates and physical therapy training institute. We operate across the United States and Europe, specializing in Pilates for Rehab & Physical Therapy. We provide tailored sessions for each client to rehabilitate injuries, improve performance, and increase strength and flexibility.

To stay ahead with the latest research in movement science, we also offer in-depth Pilates certification and rehabilitation courses. Our primary mission - providing exceptional care, and transforming lives through movement."

Zeina Grifoni, founder Synergy Plus


This case study has been written by Zeina Grifoni, founder Synergy Plus

The Challenge

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"We grappled with understanding our service's true value and needed help communicating it to our ideal audience. We required a strategic partner to clarify our vision, better articulate our inherent value proposition, and identify our ideal customer. The other challenge is that we needed help staying focused on the things that would bring revenue and satisfy the vision/goal. DoGood helped us go through so many iterations of the business and guided us through the changes that we needed to make to start to grow towards our ultimate goal for the business which also reflects on our lives."

Our Solution

"Over a 2 years working relationship (and ongoing), DoGood conducted numerous workshops and 1:1 sessions with us as co-founders and our Synergy Plus team. These interactive sessions aimed to clarify our vision, enhance our communication effectiveness, and define our ideal customer persona. We created a map of our ultimate vision and DoGood helped us on the journey to reach that vision, finding the tools and always supporting us to constantly re-evaluate and help us focus back towards the ultimate endpoint."

The Results

  • Improved efficiency in aligning time management with revenue-generating activities.

  • Gained clarity on revenue-focused priorities

  • Eliminating wasteful, and non-profitable tasks

  • Increased our operational efficiency

  • Facilitated better work-life balance

  • Opened doors to future opportunities

Direct Quote


"Synergy+ was conceived from a desire to provide care and services for people who weren't availing of the treatment they required or deserved. It started as a labor of love that eventually needed to transition into a profitable and sustainable business supporting not only our family of 5 but also providing livelihood to our valued employees over the last 20+ years. It was during the challenging times of COVID that DoGood offered their expertise to keep us afloat, and more importantly, make us see our potential as a niche business.

DoGood helped us sketch an ultimate vision and backed us with support and confidence during the transition of our business. The team’s guidance was invaluable during our difficult decisions. Thanks to DoGood, we're in the pursuit of our business goals with renewed vigor, and for the first time, our vision doesn't seem far-fetched. In my experience, any business fortunate enough to work with DoGood will find the team’s support transformative on their journey."

Zeina Grifoni, founder Synergy Plus

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