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I'm Sebastián, your guide in the world of Automation and Time Management. I'm driven by the goal of creating robust strategies that not only conserve precious time but also amplify your team's productivity.

My career kicked off as a data analyst, aiding a Chilean outplacement firm in using data to improve engagement and success rates. I then transitioned into a role as a Data Analytics Consultant, specializing in BI Data Automation and Modelling. Here, I had the chance to empower large Chilean businesses to make decisions backed by reliable data.

One of my deepest missions is to aid individuals in pursuing their passions. I extend my knowledge through workshops aimed at accelerating job searches by leveraging Generative AI tools. I equip individuals with the necessary skills to expedite their job hunting process, effectively saving crucial time.

Driven by the principle of meaningful change, I focus on refurbishing how people work and live. My passion transcends the professional sphere into the realm of music. A multi-instrumentalist at heart, I particularly enjoy playing the acoustic guitar. The flexibility of remote work blends well with my love for music, allowing me to indulge in playful drumming with my fingers, letting my imagination take flight while devising solutions to automation challenges, all without disrupting my coworkers' concentration.

After a significant turning point in my life, I embarked on a new journey as an entrepreneur. Inspired by the goal of helping people and businesses make the most of their time, I began developing automation and Generative AI workflows. This enables focus on what's truly beneficial and satisfying. This beautiful merger of my personal and professional passions sparks my creativity and propels my drive to innovate in automation and beyond.

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