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I'm Seb, the founder of DoGood and the interim head of learning intervention. I bring over 12 years of Learning & Development expertise, having led 150+ global initiatives valued at $16.5 million.

In 2016, I managed the Learning & Development division for Johnson & Johnson, looking after operational needs throughout the L&D cycle. Before starting DoGood, I was Sr. Learning & Program Director at Headspring, handling key global clients and diverse learning interventions.

With DoGood, I focus beyond profit to using business as a force for good, affecting all stakeholders, including the environment.

I am passionate about unlocking potential, as evidenced by my accreditations as a Master NLP Practitioner, Business Coach, and Advanced Facilitation Techniques trainer.

A speaker and coach at Upwork's conferences, I've collaborated with global thought leaders and numerous Fortune 500 companies. I'm also a published author and holder of certifications from Stanford University and Harvard Graduate School of Education. Always striving to create positive impact, I continue to drive learning and development forward.

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