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Client Relations - US

Hey everyone, I am Astitva Sharma, D1 college soccer player with a undergraduate in Business administration and minor computer science. I have over 4 years in sales experience ever since I was a kid winning national debate competions for my school which made me realize my passion in sales with my energy and charasmtic communcation skills.

My eccentric overview of sales isolated me from the normal sales person. I like to look at my client as the friend in need with values and creativity and I am here to provide the solution for enhancing every obstacle that comes in their way to reach success and their individual goals.

Before coming into sales, I had my experience in owning my own SMMA company - Bay develops, generating multiple 5 figures a month at the age of 18 while specializing in digital marketing and running ads. I have helped my family business with sales and meetings from our dietician clinic to opening our real estate firm while working with solar companies as the lead sales closer selling services worth $25,000+ at the same time ranking top 16 amongst 247 NCAA athletes in the country.

I thrive in a fast paced environment with multitasking and following my passion with the help of my expertise in fitness, sports and software development while being coachable and woking under the right coordination of my team.

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