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Part of the unique service offering is the Kuik™ learning system - a science-based and nimble learning solution designed for start-ups, combining AI workflows and human interaction, with the aim to provide effective learning experiences through real-world case studies, and practical exercises that solve problems.

This system leverages your existing internal communication channels like email, MS Teams, Slack, and others to deliver short, daily learning nudges, including solutions to your real business challenges, for staff to practice a new approach to operational and cultural excellence.

The learning nudges are designed to be easily digestible and accessible, making it convenient for start-up staff to learn and grow in an integrated manner. To ensure the system constantly evolves with relevant, trending use cases, the team conducts monthly "Kuik Distillers" with certain stakeholders of your company to discuss current bottlenecks.


Most companies are out of business within 5 years. The DoGood Agency solves the growing pains of start-ups by providing structural pillars for sustainable growth and taking away operational headaches.

DoGooders help unite staff around a common vision, allowing founders to focus on the strategic goals of their business. Three main challenges we help solve:

Challenge 1
is the lack of focus on the driving force behind everything in business - the vision. Founders are usually more focused on the financial opportunity than the reason why they exist.

Challenge 2
is the inability of most leaders to properly unite their people around a common goal, to then communicate and hence motivate staff effectively.

Challenge 3
is the challenge of making collaboration happen in an extremely efficient way within the company, to help founders free up time, enabling them to focus on strategic business objectives.


Week 2

Business Analysis Granular

Week 3

Evaluation & Reporting

Week 6

Design of Learning Nudges

Week 8

Learning Nudges Deployment #1

Week 9

Learning Nudges Deployment #2


Week 12

Learning Nudges Deployment #5

Week 1

Business Mapping High


Week 4

‘SOUL’ Value Workshop

Week 5

Design & Delivery of Starter-Pack

Week 7

Communication: Culture of Excellence

Week 10

Learning Nudges Deployment #3

Week 10

Learning Nudges Deployment #4

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